iText in Action

Second Edition

Bruno Lowagie, Manning Publications Co.

General Information

MEAP: November 2009 | paper book: September 2010
Page count: approx. 600
ISBN: 9781935182610
Price: $59.99 (MEAP + ebook + print book when available) | $34.99 (MEAP + ebook only)

By joining MEAP, Manning's Early Access Program, you can read the book long before it's in stores. And your subscription comes with a free ebook of the previous edition! As the Bruno writes or revises each new chapter, you'll receive a note with the latest updates. Each download includes the complete manuscript including the newest version of each chapter. When the book is finished, you'll receive the final ebook edition. If you bought the print book with your MEAP subscription, it will be shipped to you automatically as soon as it arrives from the bindery.

Coming soon: plenty of small online tools, demonstrating how to use iText.

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